About Us

Welcome to HarryHouses!

I am the founder of HarryHouses, a pet lover who, together with a group of pet enthusiasts, established this brand. Our intention is to better consider the needs of pets and bring them more care and attention.

One day, I noticed that my dog had a fondness for yellow toys. So, I began exploring the world of dogs' vision, wondering if they see colors like we do. Through research, I learned that dogs can only distinguish blue and yellow, and other colors appear almost gray to them. Therefore, I decided to design our products from the perspective of dogs, and that's how our brand color - a warm yellow - was born.

To fulfill our mission, I gathered a group of pet lovers, including manufacturers and parents, all eager to design more intriguing and unique products from the viewpoint of pets, allowing both owners and pets to live together more happily.

HarryHouses is dedicated to providing a diverse range of products that cater to the needs and lifestyles of different pets. Our goal is to bring joy to both owners and pets as they cherish each other's companionship. We firmly believe that by genuinely caring for and loving pets, we can create products that truly warm their hearts.

Thank you for joining our family, and we look forward to bringing you and your pets many wonderful moments!