What customers are saying

  • Amy


    I didn't realize how big a difference the removal of the huge bulk in my back pocket would make until I started using this slim wonder. And did I really need to carry around all that junk in my wallet? Simplify my life and ease the lower back pain in one step? Done!

  • Joe


    This is my first time using a non-traditional wallet and I am impressed! Never going back to the old bulky wallet again.

  • Niki


    It was time to upgrade my wallet, and I liked the mechanism that pops the cards out. Extremely well made and well worth the money spent.

  • Andrew


    Great minimalist wallet. It held all the cards I own and then some. I would recommend this wallet and brand.

Our Values

We strive to minimize our environmental impact by utilizing sustainable materials and processes. We also actively work towards making a positive impact on our community through social responsibility initiatives.